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Complete solutions for making and repairing stamps of any type or shape, logo design and accessories for them. Mediation services.


Making stamps of any shape: round, oval, rectangular, triangular, facsimiles and letterheads


Legal consultations regarding the registration, modification of the status or capital increase of businesses


Document translations with the signature and stamp of the translator officially authorized by the Ministry of Justice


Mediation services: Commercial, Civil or Criminal, Family, Administrative Litigation, Labor disputes

About Us

The company ”EXPERT” SRL was founded in 1998, it is located in the municipality of Chişinău, bld. Grigore Vieru, 14, with identification number 1002600010435.
”EXPERT” SRL operates under license Series MMII No. 021866 issued by the Licensing Chamber, being registered as a licensee under certificate ******** from 1998.

Company mission

Our mission is to bring to market the most diverse range of stamps and individual marking solutions to fully cover the needs of all customers.

With an experience of over 15 years of activity and a team made up of the best specialists, the ”EXPERT” publishing house offers quality services starting from consultations regarding business registration to perfecting and destroying stamps! The trust and loyalty of customers, as well as the results achieved so far, make it stronger and more competitive on the market!

The ”EXPERT” company offers a wide range of products and services such as:

  • STAMPS: We offer you our services for making the entire assortment of stamps: company stamps, date stamps, signature stamps, letterhead stamps, etc. We also offer our services for the completion of documents for the manufacture and liquidation of stamps.
  • STANDS AND ACCESSORIES FOR STAMPS: Our company offers you a wide range of devices and accessories for stamps (supports, ink pads, exchange pads for stamps, dates, counters, seals, metal pliers, etc. );
  • PAINT FOR STAMPS: At the same time, our company has a variety of inks for stamps for use both in the office and in industry (film, wood, plastic, eggs, meat, cheese, metal, glass, paper, etc.);
  • COMPLETE MARKING SOLUTIONS: Our objective is to provide complete solutions for individual marking. Thus, in addition to the range of stamps, we offer support, solutions, materials and equipment for the entire process of design, production and sale. We make all types of stamps available to our partners: self-inking, Flash (pre-ink), electronic stamps, dating and counting, embossing seals (dry stamp), as well as the latest production technologies by Laser engraving or UV polymerization.;

European quality. All stamp accessories are manufactured in the European Union, in the two production locations: Austria and the Czech Republic. In addition to always up-to-date design, we pride ourselves on quality and reliability corresponding to the highest standards.


We have possibilities to make the stamp not only according to the sketch, but also according to the imprint or its photo, the only important thing is that all elements of the stamp are visible and clear.

Stamp making

We offer you our services for making the entire assortment of stamps: company stamps, date stamps, signature stamps, letterhead stamps, etc.

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Logo design

Logotype development and stamp design. The company's designers are ready to provide assistance in developing the stamp sketch in accordance with the applicant's requirements.

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Liquidation stamps

The company ”Casa Editurii Expert SRL” makes it available to you. liquidation services of round, rectangular, triangular stamps... with authorization.

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Round stamps

Round stamps are the most common stamps and are generally used as the official stamp of the company, authorized natural person or any other legal entity.

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Rectangular stamps

Rectangular stamps are generally used for applying logos and organizational inscriptions for internal use (quality control, etc.).

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Stamp accessories

Original replacement tips, guarantee a clear impression. Oil-free ink for stamps. Covers and other accessories for stamps.

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Are you conflicted? Try MEDIATION! Mediation is a way of resolving conflicts amicably, with the help of a specialized third person as a mediator, under conditions of neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality and with the free consent of the parties.

Mediation is the right way!

Mediation is very frequently resorted to, primarily motivated by the fact that all the costs involved in such a procedure are reduced compared to those caused by the litigious way. Also, confidentiality, as well as preserving or consolidating business relationships, are other arguments why mediation is a real success in the current business environment. Mediation can be an alternative to preliminary procedures in the case of commercial disputes, having the advantage that it can intervene both before the initiation of a trial before the courts, and during the procedural stage, after a request for summons, appeal or appeal has been made.

Mediation services for individuals and legal entities:

  • Commercial
  • Civil or Penal
  • Familial
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Labor conflicts

---- Law on Mediation no. 137 of 07.03.2015 ----

Casa Editurii Expert


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Our company is a leader in the manufacture of stamps!


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